Private yoga classes


The yoga method I teach comes from years of yoga practise, practising with many different teachers, deepening my knowledge through reading, reasearch and courses, medical studies, experimenting during self-practise and continuous learning while teaching my students.

 It consists of following elements:

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Understanding how the body works

With the help of asanas (asana – yoga position) we explore our everyday movements and  transform them into healthy habits so our everyday life activities become healthy exercises that keep our body balanced.

Body awarness and conscious movement

Via asana practise we work on growing body awareness and the capability to listen and to understand the language of the body.

Breath awarness and breath work

Breath is the bridge between autonomic and somatic nervous system, between conscious and unconscious mind. During the classes we explore this powerful tool step by step.


Resting is often much more difficult than being busy. It’s a skill that many of us have lost and which sometimes takes more time to build than the strength of the body. At the end of each class there is about 10 minutes of relaxation (savasana) when step by step we work on developping the ability to relax and let go.

Healthy & balanced body, healthy & balanced mind 

Duirng yoga practise, we gradually build the strength, flexibility and stamina of the body and at the same time , we work on the mind continuously growing it’s strength, resilience and tranquillity.

*Please note, that I do not teach meditation. Often times what is being advertised as ‘meditation’ are simple concentration techniques. If you are seriously interested in learning meditation, the best place to start is by joining 10-day Vipassana meditation course as taught by SN Goenka.