Can yoga help you relieve your back pain?

Have you heard that yoga can help you with your back pain but then you had even more back pain after the class?

Yoga can be a great tool to help your painful back. It is even recommended by Harvard Medical School. It can make you understand your body better, move better and as a result help your back.

Some yoga poses can help you to relieve your back pain. But other poses can make it worse. Some poses you should not do at all. Other poses you can do but very carefully. And that is why you need a guide.

Why I do not offer ’10 universal poses’ to alleviate the backpain?

Because back pain is a symptom. Therefore, there is no one solution for all. 2 people suffering from back pain may need very different yoga programme. So it is crucial that your yoga practise is adjusted to your specific situation.

And that is why I am here to help you and guide you.

Where it all begins

The modern world is a hostile place for our bodies.

Back in old days our ancestors had to walk, run and climb trees every day. They did not use chairs, nor cars, nor computers. They sat on the floor, they squatted down regularly. We tend to forget how new our civilisation is. And that it is not neccessarily what we were made for.

Probably your work requires sitting for prolonged period of time. You either drive to work or work from home. As the amount of stress and tasks grow, your shoulders start to slouch. Slowly your back gets stiffer and your breath becomes shallow. As you sit, your back rounds and the head feels heavy. Your back hurts and your neck hurts. The back pain makes you move less. Then your back hurts even more. So you move even less. And so on. Like this little by little the qualtiy of your life drops.  


Private yoga classes with me will give you the tools to get out of this vicious circle and make your life better.

The world is as it is. We can not suddenly just walk all day long. We still have to do our work, we still need to sit for prolonged periods of time. But still there is a lot we can do! 

During yoga classes with me, you will learn how to sit correctly to keep your back safe effortlessly while you work. You will learn how to stand properly on your feet, so your body gets a stable base. You will learn how to lie down well to allow your body to rest. With various yoga poses you will strengthen your muscles and improve body alignement.  You will learn how to open the chest and to breathe better. You will learn how to practise safely and effectively.  And very importantly, you will also learn how body and mind influence each other. You will get the tools to calm down the restless mind and improve your quality of life.

Yoga practice is a holistic practice. Therefore not only your back, but your whole body and mind will transform.

Why is back pain close to my heart?



Yoga teacher and medical doctor

I have been practising yoga intensely from the age of 16 with certified and experienced teachers and yet, I developed lower back pain in my early twenties. After each class it was getting worse. I started asking myself: why? Why practising yoga was making my back hurt?

Definitely big group classes, either lack of corrections or forced manual corrections, lack of deep understaning of anatomy and physiology among yoga instructors were among the reasons. In fact many yoga teachers develop back pain themselves!

Having personal experience with the back pain, strong background of anatomy and physiology from medical studies and continuous research on the topic made me transform my own yoga practice and became pain-free. Now, as a yoga teacher, I am happy to help those suffering from the back pain to transform their practise both on and off the mat to live a healthier, pain-free life.

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