Private Yoga Classes – Testimonials

The best yoga classes ever attended

I truly recommend private online yoga classes with Martyna. These are the best classes I have ever attended to and I already have some experience :)). I suffer from  scoliosis as well as frequent back and hip pains. Asanas proposed by Martyna have helped me a lot. I feel that I’m getting more flexible and after each session I feel relief in my back. Asanas are adjust to one’s capabilities and very well explained. Martyna explains in an accessible way how to enter each pose, explains in details each movement and clarifies what is the purpose of the position. For me it’s very important, it helps me to understand how these excercises are going to help me. Even though the classes are online, Martyna makes sure that all asanas are done properly, she can see the mistakes and correct them. After the session I feel great and forget about the pain. I highly recommend yoga with Martyna to all those who want to do something good for themselves and their backs, whether they have health issues or not, as an activity which will help you to feel good. 


Precision and safety

I can’t tell how much yoga practice with Martyna has helped me recently. Now, in the early days of my motherhood, my problems with my backbone are even more acute than before as I have to carry the baby a lot. I started online yoga classes with Martyna and the severe back pain, I experienced, almost vanished already after the first meeting. Martyna is an extraordinary teacher as she is very sympathetic, can chose right asanas for particular body issues and is really strict when it comes to precision and safety of each posture. I strongly recommend her for everybody with body problems and (especially) new mothers! Online private yoga classes with her are really great 


Expert knowledge

The class was exactly what I was looking for. Martyna has expert knowledge and used every minute well. I also liked the assessment of my posture and the practical tips that I can use every day.


Thoughtful way of teaching


Martyna’s classes have been an important and new way to get to know my body and to understand how each detail counts, not only for Yoga but in life overall. She has a thoughtful way of teaching and explaining things during class and she gives us valuable tips to be used in our daily routine.


Positive energy

Martyna is a great and thorough teacher. she is also very punctual and has a positive energy.


Refreshing and helpful

Martyna is a wonderful person and a passionate yoga therapy teacher. I have been doing yoga for many years and I find the way she teaches very refreshing and the postures we learn very important and helpful in daily life. I can only recommend her!


Profesionalism and patience

Martyna is a very good yoga teacher and a lovely person. In her classes she shares precision of Iyengar postures, profesionalism, patience, love for humans and yoga. I recommand 100% and I m grateful for practicing yoga with her; she has been so helpfull with my broken back. Thank you Martyna. See you on the mat 


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